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Our Story

Mexican Spice began when Jennifer Teutli, who moved from Mexico City to Chatham, NJ in 2007, decided we needed authentic and delicious Mexican food locally. So she decided to start her own small catering business serving friends and neighbors.

By 2016, business took took off amazingly! In a matter of two years she went from making salsa verde in her own kitchen, to setting up a commercial kitchen, participating in local Farmers Markets, growing the team, and catering countless events and parties.

In 2017 as business grew and Mexican Spice began to gain a following, the next step was to offer meals to-go at two brick-and-mortar locations, in Summit and in Madison, NJ.

The next step was to take Mexican Spice on the road in 2018. So she found a super-chic-amazing-fun-classy-fabulous Taco Truck which has served countless festivals, block parties, birthdays, and even weddings!

In the summer of 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, Mexican Spice had to close all locations, including the commercial kitchen as it was not able to offer takeout and delivery, As all events and catering parties were cancelled, the only way to survive was to find a location different which could offer delivery and takeout.

Once the dream location was found, Mexican Spice launched a crowdfunding campaign, as the expenses for making the move and opening a new place were quite high! In only three days, Mexican Spice reached its fundraising goal, and in September 2020 we opened our doors at our new location at 149 Main St., Chatham, NJ. A beautiful little place where all services are offered: meals to go, delivery, takeout, party planning, and causal dining.

After opening our location in Chatham, 2021 was a year to get settled in our new skin and gain a broader reach to our neighboring communities. We expanded our delivery area, participated in countless festivals, parades, fundraisers, without mentioning the hundreds of events we catered for large corporations, schools, sports clubs and incredibly special occasions such as weddings, first birthday parties, anniversaries, and many more.

In order to fulfill the demand of our customers and to offer a wider range of services, in January of 2022, Mexican Spice purchased an additional Taco Truck, or better said, a simple trailer which we converted into a super cool Taco Truck. Additionally, we added a smaller trailer which after a few creative sessions, it became "La Cantina". La Cantina is a mobile bar where our awesome certified bartenders serve our authentic Mexican Mixers such as Hibiscus Mint Margarita, Michlada Mexican Mule, Spicy Tamarind Margarita and so many more delicious creations.